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Welcome to the world, William! You are such a precious addition to this wonderful family!

I have known your family since before you were born. I love taking pictures but my favorite part of my job is watching families grow together over the years. It was such a treat to see your Mommy and Daddy back for a Session with you! Allie and Olivia have grown so much and they are the proudest little sisters. You are “their” baby and they are absolutely enamored with you. I can’t wait to watch your bond continue to develop over the years. I just know they will always be your protector and best friend.

You are scrumptious! Everything from the top of your precious head to the tips of your petite toes is perfect. I have seen a lot of newborns in my day so I consider myself an authority on the loveliness of babies. And you, sir, are perfect.

You are so loved, William.

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- Yinelia


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