Frequently asked questions

What health and safety precautions are taken during a newborn session?

Our top priority continues to be health and safety and we take numerous precautions at our sessions to mitigate any risk for your family and myself. I schedule only one newborn session per day which allows me to fully clean and sanitize all props and equipment before each session. In addition to our already high standards of handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer throughout the session, I will also wear a mask or facial covering.

Where do the newborn sessions take place?

Photography sessions take place in the convenience of your home or in my studio. I can bring the studio to you so that you don’t have to take your new baby to an outside studio. My portable newborn studio includes backdrops and lighting to photograph newborn images. I routinely photograph in homes of all sizes as we only need about 5’ x 8’ of space. I am currently on opening up my own home studio as well. Coming soon!

What do you bring to the session? Do i need to provide anything?Do you capture multiple set-ups?

Yinelia's Photography brings the entire newborn studio to your home! I bring all the props for your baby – including lighting, heating, accessories, hats, headbands, bowties, wraps, blankets, buckets, backgrounds). I bring a full variety of props to your session and you will have the opportunity to pick your favorite colors and styles before you get started. If you have a specific outfit and/or keepsake that you want to include in the session, we will absolutely do our best to incorporate it as well. We capture a variety of different looks at your session. We typically use three different backgrounds (your color choices) and different poses for each background as you see in our gallery. For each pose, we do change out some of the props and accessories. Additionally, I capture several angles of each pose to offer you a variety of options in your gallery. At the start of your session, you will have the opportunity to view our different colors and styles and pick your favorites!

How long are the sessions?

Since sessions take approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours, our sessions all begin in the morning. Sessions could run longer depending on baby. We strongly suggest you do not schedule any other appointments for the day of your session.

How far in advance of my due date should i book a session?

It’s never too early to schedule a session! Most moms schedule in their 2nd trimester, as it ensures they reserve a spot during the first few weeks (the ideal time for posed newborn photography). Also, since you don’t typically know exactly when your baby will arrive, it gives you priority in adjusting the date of your session. But we absolutely try our best to accommodate every baby, even for last-minute sessions after baby has arrived up to approximately one month old.

When is the ideal time to photograph a newborn in your style?

The ideal time to photograph your baby in the posed newborn style you see in our gallery is within the first few weeks after birth. We do routinely photograph slightly older babies, however, it does become less likely we can capture all the poses you see in our gallery with baby more alert and active. Preemies can typically be photographed a bit older than a full-term baby.

My baby has already arrived. Can i still book a session?

In most cases, we are able to still schedule your newborn session as long as your baby is still within the successful timeframe for a newborn session and we have availability.

What happens if I need to change my date because my baby arrives earlier or later than anticipated?

We always check in one week before your session date for an update on your baby’s arrival. If your baby arrives before we reach out, just contact me or call 281-772-2084 so I can pull your session up to an earlier date. Similarly, if your baby arrives late, we can push your session date out. We definitely want your session to be at the most ideal time for our posing style as possible.

Can i cancel a session i have already booked?

Once a session is booked, I reserve my time and do not book for other sessions. We can absolutely accommodate a need to change your session date when it’s due to the baby’s early or late arrival at no charge. We have temporarily modified our cancellation policy. You can receive a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your session. We hope this will give you the peace of mind to pre-book your session.

What type of retouching do you perform on the session images?

I retouch your baby’s images, primarily removing any scratches, red spots, bruising or blotchiness from the delivery while maintaining your baby’s character and natural beauty. If you have a special editing request for your baby, please inform your photographer so we can do our best to take care of it in our final editing.

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Yinelia Martinez is a photographer specializing in family, maternity and baby photography in Sugar Land, Texas and surrounding areas.

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