The best time to photograph NEWBORNS is between 4 to 14 days old. After the 14 days, babies are a bit harder to settle and things like colic and acne can flare up. I can still capture beautiful photos or older babies as well. You can contact me any time during your pregnancy to allow me time to schedule around your possible due date. We can reserve the week after your due date and if we have to move the dates we can. Once your baby is born please contact me the day you arrive home from the hospital so if we have to move the dates we can do that for you.  I will send you a NEWBORN prep guide to prepare you for your baby's session.


We have everything you need for newborns so you don't need to bring anything for the baby. If parents, sibling or families will be photographed here is what I recommend to wear. Anything of neutral colors like beige, white, light grey, light blue and tan etc. Nice flowy and comfortable dresses work great. Just to let you know that only the top half will be photographed. If you have any other questions please email me at


My husband and I absolutely loved and enjoyed our newborn photography session with Jenny.Due to the current pandemic, Jenny went above and beyond to make sure my family and I were well protected and made us feel right at home. Jenny is the sweetest person, and her passion for photography is truly a gift. If you are looking for a professional, gentle and kind photographer, Jenny is the one!